Voting Updates

Below are the results of the voting for General and Jurisdictional Conference delegates at the 2015 Western North Carolina Annual Conference:


List of Top 100 Clergy this list will be used from Ballot 2 forward

General Conference Delegates

Ballot 1– no elections

Ballot 2– Kim Ingram elected with 411 votes

Ballot 3– Amy Coles elected with 351 votes

Ballot 4– David Christy elected with 332 votes

Ballot 5– Ashley Crowder Stanley elected with 356; In-Yong Lee elected with 339; James Howell elected with 337

Ballot 6– no elections

Ballot 7Jeremy Troxler elected with 379 votes; Sam Moore with 361

Ballot 8– no elections

Ballot 9 no elections

Ballot 10– John Boggs elected with 257 votes

Ballot 11 no elections

Ballot 12– Jeff Patterson elected with 332 votes

Jurisdictional Conference Delegates

Ballot 1– Sally Queen elected with 209 votes

Ballot 2– Shelly Webb with 257 votes and David Hockett with 255 votes

Ballot 3– Angela Pleasants with 240 votes and Stephanie Hand with 223

Ballot 4– Lory Beth Huffman was elected with 255 votes

Ballot 5– Chris Westmoreland with 281 votes

Ballot 6– Laura Beach with 242 votes and Dawn Hand with 242 votes

Ballot 7– no election

Ballot 8 no election

Ballot 9no election

Ballot 10– no election

Ballot 11– elected to Jurisdictional-  Jan Brittain      reserves- Uiyeon Kim, Talbot Davis, Andy Lambert, Charles Kyker


General Conference Delegates

Ballot 1 no elections

Ballot 2– four elections- Jennifer Davis, Jennifer Burton, Lynne Gilbert and Coley Hooker, Jr.

Ballot 3– no elections

Ballot 4five electionsAmy Johnson, Shannon Sherfey,  Sandy Hieronymus, Henry Dozier, Jr., and Robert Upchurch

Ballot 5no elections

Ballot 6one electionTonya Lanier

Jurisdictional Conference Delegates

Ballot 1three elections- John Howard, Sarah McKinney, and Andrew Woods

Ballot 2three elections- Neffie Connie Locklear, Cindy Thompson, and Jane Boatwright Wood

Ballot 3– Wade Loftin elected

Ballot 4– three elections- Rey Rodriquez, Kathy FitzJeffries, Joseph Williams

Ballot 5– reserve delegates elected- Ann Aldridge, Fred Cantler, Harry Underwood, Rebekah Lisk