Pre-Conference News- May 28, 2015


Pre-Conference News- May 28, 2015 

Laity Delegate Voting Book
51 laity have offered their names for consideration as General and Jurisdictional Conference delegates in 2016.  Biographical statements on each nominee are available at this link:  Lay members to annual conference should review the list and prepare for elections which will begin during the laity session on Thursday, June 18 at 8:30 a.m. Members will vote for 10 persons on the first ballot.  Clergy – please make your lay members aware of this information.  If possible, print the booklet for them.  We look forward to seeing you at the Lake!

The Program and Reports Booklet is now online-
122 pages, 2.85 mb in size.  Please download and read before Conference.
(There have been some minor revisions since first published.  The latest edition will always be at the link above)

Pre-Conference Briefings are online
There are 5 videos and a link to the Program and Reports booklet at this page.  Prior to Annual Conference, every lay and clergy member are expected to be familiar with these materials.  There will be a Supplement Book that will be posted online prior to Conference and will be available in print at registration at Lake Junaluska.

Communications During Annual Conference

There will be Daily Updates sent out on Thursday, June 18, Friday, June 19, and Saturday, June 20.  There will be a wrap-up issue that will go out on Tuesday, May 23.  All clergy will receive the Daily Updates by email automatically.  If you are a layperson, please subscribe to the Daily Updates.  You will not be obligated to receive the bi-weekly E-News in the future.

This website- will be the official news site of Annual Conference.  You will be able to keep up with the news which will be posted regularly, get access to photos, videos and announcements, and a host of materials throughout the week.  Following Annual Conference, this website will be maintained as an archive of the proceedings.  This site is mobile friendly and is designed to be viewed on phones and tablets.

CONNECT- Live from Lake Junaluska– during dinner break on June 17-20, there will be a live podcast from Lake Junaluska starting at 5:30 PM.  We will discuss the day’s events, give updates on elections, and have commentary and reflections from a variety of people.  The podcast will be available to stream anytime after show. We will keep you posted.

There will be a Conference Wrap-Up video that will be available for churches to use on their website, in worship, and in other venues following Annual Conference.