Pre-Conference Briefings

2015aclogo1In year’s past, there have been district briefings held in central locations, or sometimes in a couple of locations in each district, on different dates. These meetings involved lots of driving for members of annual conference, and for staff and superintendents to share information.

Last year, we did all of the Pre-Conference Briefings online for the first time. The success of last year’s approach is being repeated this year.

In the videos below, you will get all of the basic information that you would have received from a district meeting, and you will get the opportunity to ask questions.

Please view all of the videos in their entirety and read all of the documents posted prior to arriving at Annual Conference.

2015 Program and Reports Booklet

See Also: From the Bishop– articles for reflection prior to Annual Conference


1- Bishop’s Welcome Message

2- Flow of Annual Conference

3- Holy Conversation

4- Budget

5- Elections

After reading the Program and Reports Booklet, and watching all of the videos above, do you still have questions?

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