Laity Delegate Book for AC2015

PicLaity-BookThe June 17-21, 2015 session of the Western North Carolina Annual Conference will elect 10 lay delegates to the 2016 General Conference (these will also attend Jurisdictional Conference) and an additional 10 lay delegates to the 2016 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference (will also serve as reserve delegates to General Conference). This booklet has been prepared for your information in accordance with a plan approved by the 2014 annual conference session. In the book linked below you will find listed those persons who have given their signed consent to being considered for election:

Laity Delegate Book AC2015 rev. 4/21/15
(This book was revised on 04/21/15–if you downloaded a version prior to 11:00 AM that day, please delete that version and use this one)