Conference Live

During the 2015 Annual Conference, here are a number of resources to keep you posted on the proceedings.

Livestreaming– most events held in Stuart Auditorium will be live streamed atĀ, beginning with Opening Worship on June 17th

Worship Book– an online version for those who prefer electronic devices

News– regular news and updates through the week

Daily Updates– these will be sent out Thursday through Saturday morning, and archived here. The wrap-up issue on Tuesday, June 23rd will also be archived here.

Announcements and Videos– all announcements and videos shown on the screens during Annual Conference will be available here

Voting Updates– Keep up to date with the latest ballots at this page (this will go live on Wednesday, June 17th)

Social Media Links:

Flickr– photos from Annual Conference
(there are icons at the top of the page that can also take you directly to these sites)

Twitter Feed– during Annual Conference we will be using the #hashtag: #wnccumc


Special Editions of CONNECT– a podcast each dinner break during Conference (Wednesday-Saturday)

Special Edition #1 (Wednesday)

Special Edition #2 (Thursday)