Charleston- Poem

They went to church one day.
To study the Word an see what God would say.
A young white man came to stay.
An hour we sat and read the Word of God.
But evil was there in his young mind it trod.
He pulled a gun and nine fell to the ground.
Only one was left to look around.
Evil left but he was caught.
But nine looked away and they were gone.
God was there and they were not alone.
Evil may rear its ugly head.
The pastor an others lay dead.
Evil can say its words of hate.
God’s love is never late.
We cast the lives of nine who fell.
But God’s love will prevail.
Hate spoke its word and victims families spoke their peace.
Let God’s Word never cease.
Hold, hold God says to angels in despair.
Let my people know I care.
God’s heart was broken, but God has spoken.
For some went to church one day.
To hear God’s Word and what it would say.
God’s love prevails when all else fails,
God’s love prevails when all else fails.

A thought from R. Sidney Lanier