About the Backdrop

backdrop 2Stage Backdrop by Riley Gregor and the Rev. Dr. Anne Conover

Title : “Until the Whole World Hears” ~ Medium: Acrylic on canvas drop-cloth

As soon as I learned the theme for this year’s annual conference, I began thinking of using graffiti in some manner. The public nature of graffiti and street art seemed appropriate for communicating our theme of evangelism: getting the Gospel out to all the world. My search for a graffiti artist with whom I could work took me to some unlikely spots and introduced me to a variety of artists, many of whom I am happy to say, have become my friends! One of those artists, Riley Gregor, a High Point University freshman, collaborated with me on creating our backdrop, “Until the Whole World Hears.”

After obtaining permission from the group Casting Crowns, Riley and I designed and created the backdrop using words from the song. The front yard of the 512 Collective Art Gallery at 512 E. Washington St., High Point, became our studio and soon we had passers-by involved in art making. Our work for annual conference had become a tool for evangelism to the whole neighborhood on Washington Street!

I am truly grateful to God for inspiration and leading me to step out of my comfort zone into the world of graffiti art. This experience has brought new friends, new ideas, and provided a new avenue for evangelism. I am grateful to Riley Gregor, Beka Butts and the 512 Art Collective for their help and encouragement. It is my prayer that as you view this artwork you will be reminded that God takes our gifts, inspires them, and uses them for His kingdom.
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